Saturday, March 9, 2013


Welcome to this week's Forthcoming post. As the daughter of a chef I love great food, and as a writer I often like to use real recipes of my own in a story to feed my characters. For the Disenchanted & Co. series I'm hoping to put together a collection of these via Her Ladyship's Cookbook, a regular blog feature bringng to you the different foods and dishes of the Toriana universe. Next week I'll begin by creating and then making the recipe for one of Kit's favorite breakfast treats.

I've also just returned from our annual county quilt show, which was so inspiring I still think my head will explode any minute. If it doesn't, next week I'll explain what I did differently at the show this year to help me expand my Toriana universe, which involves an adventure with silk, a Eureka moment, and the above lovely items. I also brought home something from the show to give away, so stop by to find out what it is (and it might just end up being yours.)


  1. They look lovely, all of them, but I especially like the one in the top right with the red tipped flowers, the pin cushion (at least that's what it looks like, and the small purse. I've nearly got my machine fixed then I'm going to try to make something nice!

  2. I love the black square with the even-armed cross and the flower buds. I have been known to quilt but it has been a while.
    The cloth you sent with my winnings? It turns out it is the perfect bronzy green shade to match a part of an antique anniversary clock we unpacked yesterday, so it is being used underneath it.

  3. I like the little Victorian styled change purse. At least that's what the material reminds me of. I love to cook, so I'm really looking forward to the recipes :o)