Saturday, April 13, 2013


This week on Disenchanted & Co.:

We'll be talking about some of the fascinating gadgets, gizmos and other gear people used during the Victorian era, and the fun and challenge of creating the ficitional version.

While I was doing some Spring cleaning I noticed something very cool inside Her Ladyship's Hat Box. Stop by if you'd like to see what it is -- and have a chance to win it, too.


  1. Don't you just love those old adverts! They are fascinating and I always wonder if the people buying that stuff got as sadly let down by the actual product as I always am by the "new and innovative" item advertised on the back pages of free newspaper mags. I blush to confess how many times my better judgement has been over-ridden by optimism.

    I'm looking forward to finding out what you, and her ladyship's hatbox, have for us next week.

    1. I've also been tricked by advertising a few times, Fran. I remember how excited I was to find a product that guaranteed to make chopping vegetables a breeze (a task that is really difficult for someone like me who has arthritis.) It looked effortless in the video ad, too, so I ordered it and got my own -- only to find out you have to have to upper body strength of a professional wrestler to get the wretched thing to work. Never again!

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    1. More is coming, too, Diana, so stayed tuned. :)