Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tinkering Away, Q and A

As I threatened last week I'll be working on the blog today, so expect some new links and widgets to pop up on the sidebar. I thought I'd also ask for your opinions on some blog-related topics, as follows:

1. Which posts on Disenchanted & Co. do you like the most, or would like to see more of in the future?

2. Are you interested in reading more excerpts from Her Ladyship's Curse, or would you prefer to sample a full chapter or two?

3. Am I talking too much about the world-building, or not enough, or just the right amount?

4. If you could put anything in Her Ladyship's Hat Box for a future giveaway, what would it be?

5. I'm not a huge fan of author newsletters, which is probably why I've never done one. Change is good, however, so if I put out a monthly Disenchanted & Co. newsletter, would you be interested in subscribing to it?

6. Finally, since I can't be everywhere and do everything myself, I'm interested in working with people who would be willing to help me with getting the word out about the new series on social media, bookseller sites, discussion boards and so forth. In return I'd provide the members of the group with special perks like early review copies of the books, signed print editions, make myself available for interviews or guest posts on their web sites or blogs etc. Would you be interested in joining a group effort like this?

Feel free to answer any or all of the above in comments, and if you have any questions, please post those too -- I'll be here most of the day to answer them.

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  1. 1. I like the posts where you talk about the real-world things that inspired ideas in your writing.

    2. Maybe a sample of the first chapter. I don't much like reading bits from somewhere in the middle, because it can spoil surprises.

    3. I love world-building in general and this era in particular, so there is no such thing as too much.

    4. Anything handmade. Bonus points if it comes from Toriana.

    5. I visit this site pretty much daily as part of my morning wakeup web crawl. I'm not sure what value a newsletter would add to your regular posts, but if you create it, I will subscribe.

    6.I would be very interested in joining a group like this. I am not good at coming up with marketing ideas on my own and my blog is not followed by anyone, but I would gladly go where pointed to wave banners and cheer. :)

  2. Since Google is getting rid of Google Reader in June, I'd love to have a newsletter. I have no idea how I can keep track of the blogs I read without GR.

    I enjoy all of your posts!

  3. 1. I enjoy all the posts so far. I especially like seeing how real-world history has sparked ideas for the Disenchanted world creation. I also enjoy the craft posts and character-creation posts.
    2. I tend not to read excerpts, as it makes me TOO impatient for the full publication.
    3. Never can be too much, for my taste.
    4. A hand-crafted item drawn from the Disenchanted world.
    5. I would sign up for it.
    6. I would very much like to promote your new series.

  4. 1. I really enjoy reading about the inspiration behind all of the details of Toriana, but I would also like to read more on how you got to know your characters and how they were created'

    2. I would agree with others in that, sometimes, it's strange to read a piece from the middle of a novel before it's actually been read because it gives you a taste of what's coming: and those parts that don't give anything away usually aren't the most enticing bits of a book.

    3. As an aspiring author I LOVE hearing about your world-building, but I understand there has to be a balance.

    4. I like Diana's idea: hand-crafted items would be awesome! (I've seen some of your work on your paperbackwriter blog and been very impressed!)

    5. I'm not very good at reading email newsletters and I think you are great at updating blogs on a regular basis. That said, if there was something different in your newsletter that was exclusive to those who signed up: I'd do it!

    6.I would adore helping to promote the book - not only would it be for a good cause, but it would be great practice for if I ever get my own novel published and I'm sure I'd learn a lot, which would be my prime reason for volunteering. I don't have many blog or twitter followers but I'm happy to help if I can.

  5. I wanted to thank you all for posting these comments -- you've given me a great deal to contemplate -- and rather than reply to each I'd like you to know that I will be discussing these topics more in detail after I finish my new release promotions, probably toward the end of May.

  6. I only just saw this post so this reply is a bit late.

    I really enjoy your world-building posts. It's inspiring and educational to see how your creative process works. As one of the others said, can't have too many of these posts.

    I would subscribe to a monthly newsletter. I think you post less frequently on this blog than on your main PBW blog, and I tend to forget to check in here to see if there's anything new. A newsletter would help to remind me, or if you could mention on your main blog when you have a new post here that would also help.