Saturday, May 18, 2013


Next week on Disenchanted & Co.:

Let's talk Torian: I'll explain how with a post on world-building through language, word choices and easy methods with which you can coin some imagery-rich terms for your universe.

We'll also be going retro as we'll be discussing the fun of creating and adding a few artful and practical touches of the Victorian to your home and life.

See you then, and have a terrific weekend.


  1. Very cool pin cushion. I have a hand made (gifted) pin cushion but it doesn't stand up for itself very well (perhaps it needs more self-confidence?) I like the idea of using a random bit of china as the base.

  2. Kathy Uhrig made this one, and I love that she recycled an old sugar bowl to do so. It's also as practical as it is decorative; it's just heavy enough not to move about when I use it.