Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Under Construction & Name Contest

Now that I'm back and ready to tinker, I'm also in need of some help. Today among other things I'll be building a new list of links to the blogs and sites of authors I think my readers will enjoy, but I don't yet have a title for it -- and that's where you come in.

Thus far in building the blog I've been using Her Ladyship's This and Her Ladyship's That as sidebar titles, and I want to shake that up a bit. I'm in need of a title that sounds Victorian, describes the list (which as I mentioned will be made up of author links) and does not start with Her Ladyship's, and does not use the word library, as that's already in use. I've been drawing a blank so far, so I thought you all might be willing to help me name it.

If you're game, in comments to this post suggest a title for my author links list by midnight EST on Wednesday, July 10th, 2013. I will choose the name I like best from all the entries to use on the Disenchanted & Co. blog for my author links list. I will also send the winner a surprise (and no, I won't tell you what it is, but my surprises are good ones.) This contest is open to everyone on the planet, so please join in.


  1. How about "A VICTORIAN PURSE" suggesting a bag full of options to carry and refer to, as we travel the internet. I know my purse is bottomless pit with many surprises at the bottom. Good luck with your construction job.

  2. Okay, here's a few that came to mind. It helps that at the moment I'm reading a Victorian novel... ;D

    Articulate Voices

  3. Calling Cards


  4. Maybe IN OXFORD STREET, a nod to writer, H.G. Wells, and early "librarian" Charles Mudie, or just THE DRAWING ROOM.

  5. Her Majesty's Victorian Journey.

  6. I'm offering Miss Austin's Emporium.

  7. Victorian Cabinet of Curiosities.

  8. Amending that to Miss Kittredge's Emporium. Sorry I had to go back and read the excerpt because I couldn't remember Kit's proper name!

  9. Might I suggest:
    Royal Archives
    Miss Kitt's Archives

    Purveyors of fine opinions
    Purveyors of fine curiosities
    Purveyors of eclectic tales (mm, like that one) ('Purveyors' as a word works well for a lot of things)

  10. The Literati
    Authorial Auxiliaries
    Literary Pathways
    Word Wrought


  11. Ooooh, let's go latin - athenaeum