Wednesday, August 14, 2013

1821 Monthly Magazine Online

As I promised back when I first talked about it, I've scanned, coverted to .pdf and uploaded my copy of the 1821 Monthly Magazine to share with you all (and to keep the file sizes manageable for Google Docs I've split the magazine into 18 files.) These files are also free for you to download, print out and share with others, should you know someone who might be interested in an early 19th century periodical.

To go directly to the page files, click on the links below:

Front Page
Pages 494-495*
Pages 496-497
Pages 498-499
Pages 500-501
Pages 502-507
Pages 508-515
Pages 516-523
Pages 524-531
Pages 532-539
Pages 542, 541, 542, 543-547 (Note: the scans in this file have these wonky page numbers as the publisher messed up the numbering sequence. I've scanned them in order as they appear in the magazine.)
Pages 548-555 (Note: the page number on 558 is printed backward ~ 855)
Pages 556-563
Pages 564-571
Pages 572-579
Pages 580-581
Pages 582-583
Pages 584-587, Back Page

I was also invited by editor and colleague Maria Zannini to contribute an article to the Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror (OWW) monthly newsletter for August about how I build characters, which you can read online here.

*Please note that the page numbers in the magazine begin with 494; my guess is the publisher likely began with page 1 in the January issue and numbered pages of the following issues in sequence.

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