Friday, August 23, 2013


I apologize to you all for not posting the art project I promised for today; we've had some terrible thunderstorms here and the lightning and power outtages they've produced have been bouncing me offline for most of the week. This in turn made my work schedule go boom.

I do actally have everything done for the project, but I've yet to write up the project directions, upload the demonstration pics, etc. I'll get to that this weekend, and have it all ready to post on Monday, 8/26. Again, sorry about the snafu.


  1. Hey, you're smart to stay offline during a thunderstorm. Who wants to risk losing a file - or worse, the hard drive - if the power goes out or spikes? I hope the weather becomes more cooperative soon.

  2. I've lost three computers to lightning strikes and power surges, Deb, so now the moment I hear thunder I shut down and unplug everything. We also heavily invested in surge protectors after the last big meltdown, but I don't like to take chances even with those protecting our hardware.