Saturday, August 10, 2013


Due to some unexpected personal troubles the host of Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Review asked me to rescheduled the appearance I had planned for today (and of course I agreed) so that giveaway and guest post will be on hold until she can sort things out. Please send her some good thoughts and prayers if you would, too.

Next week I'll be launching the new series, so I have a lot planned:

Kit arrives with the release of Her Ladyship's Curse, my 50th published novel, on Monday, which I'll be celebrating here and at my writing blog (and those of you who subscribe to the newsletter should really read the last issue for some special insider info.)

On Tuesday I'll be elsewhere to talk about my secret Victorian life, and give away this awesome tote of goodies.

For our Wednesday world-building session I'll have something special that all of you can have -- for free, too (and if you want another hint, it's something I promised you the last time I talked about it.)

This Thursday we'll have the August mystery to solve, with a release-week prize you won't want to miss.

Finally on Friday I'll have an open, all-day Q&A about Her Ladyship's Curse, the new series, or anything else writing-related that you'd like to discuss.

Until then, have a lovely weekend.


  1. Congratulations on hitting # 50!

    I'll miss the first half of the week's celebrations but I'll be back for the latter half. And I think this calls for cake.

  2. Congrats on your golden book-a-versary (so to speak)! Looking forward to the festivities.

    1. Book-a-versary! I am so going to steal that, blue -- and thank you. I can hardly believe the big day is tomorrow.