Friday, August 30, 2013

The Clockwork Wolf Excerpt

To go to the first excerpt from The Clockwork Wolf just click on the cover art.


  1. must. resist. temptation.

    You see, Lynn, when I read excerpts, I want more.

    When I want more and can't get it, I get cranky.

    When I get cranky, the cats get cranky; Dad gets cranky, and my co-workers suffer from my crankiness.

    So, for the sake of the happiness of my family, cats and friends, I'll wait (I hope) till I can gorge myself on the entire work.

    I hope you understand.... :D

  2. Totally understand, Lisa. :) But I can offer a little hope, as I'm planning to give away some copies of the book when I do my promotions for His Lordship Possessed in late September/early October. So stay tuned to the blog. :)

  3. I can't believe it! I posted a comment on Friday morning but due to our appalling internet connection it hasn't gone through. Its getting really bad here, so frustrating. I hope they can sort out the problem fast. Anyway my comment was that, like Lisa, I really must stop reading excerpts. I just want more & more, then the wait for publication seems endless. Having said that I did, in fact, read the excerpt and yes I do want more. Digging in now for the long wait through winter ...

    1. I've lost my internet connection so often this past summer, Fran, that I hardly know when I'll be able to log on anymore (our service provider's equipment does not like rain.)