Saturday, August 17, 2013

Winner and Forthcoming

Singing in the rain was the correct solution for the August mystery, and since everyone guessed it, by random draw the winner of the giveaway is:

Gail Leinweber

Gail, when you have a chance please send your full name and ship-to address to so I can get your prize out to you. My thanks to everyone for joining in.

Next week on Disenchanted & Co.:

On Monday I'll have some new cover art to show you, and hang onto your hats because it's gorgeous.

For our Wednesday world-building we'll be steampunking one of my new favorite urban fantasy writers with an interview and a very cool giveaway, too.

Finally on Friday I'll have another art project to share with you, and this one is just a little bit crazy.

Until then, have a wonderful weekend.


  1. I love the colours in the picture, the combination of greens & purples is gorgeous. Matching fabrics & colours is the one thing I struggle with in my sewing, I just can't see if they'll go together or not. Still "free form" is not always a bad thing. I also really like the hand embroidery and feel I must learn some stitches.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Fran -- that piece was one I did for a quilting guild challenge, where we had to use only scraps from one previous project. Not the colors I would have chosen for a crazy quilt, but I think that was the purpose -- to try something we wouldn't ordinarily think of.

      The one stitch that I like most is the feather stitch, which is easy and has lots of interesting variations. Here's an online tutorial that shows you step by step how to do it: