Monday, December 2, 2013

Wish Listing

This month I'd like to play secret author Santa and give some gift copies of Her Ladyship's Curse and His Lordship Possessed e-books in Kindle and Nook formats to readers who have either one (or both!) on their holiday wishlist. I thought I might be able to search the wish lists on the bookseller sites, but turns out that doesn't work unless you know the name of the person who has put them on their wish list.

If you (or anyone you know) has my e-books on their Amazon or Nook wishlists, please e-mail their name and which site they use (or a direct link to their wishlist) to In the subject line put "Wishlist Request" so we can sort them out accordingly. It's unlikely that I'll be able to send gift copies to everyone who asks, of course, but each week in December I will choose a random number from all the requests I receive and send what I can afford to give. I also believe that I'm restricted to U.S. residents for gift copies of e-books, so I apologize in advance to my international readers who can't join in (I'll be having more giveaways of print copies this month, and all of those will be open to you no matter where you reside.)


  1. How generous of you. You are always giving away stuff and its always fabulous stuff too. Unfortunately on this occasion, as an international reader I'm out of luck! Never mind, I've already purchased and thoroughly enjoyed both books.

  2. Thank you so much for your generosity - I've received a book gift from you already, so I'm *buying* Her Ladyships's Curse and am waiting with bated breath for "His Lordship Possessed" ... though I'm looking for a print copy of "Disenchanted & Co" at my local independent bookseller over the holidays first ... keep writing your fantastic tales and I'll keep buying them!