Wednesday, January 22, 2014

30 Days = World

It's often tough to find free online resources for world-building that are as complete and detailed as Stephanie Cottrell Bryant's 30 Days of World building tutorial, which can be read online or downloaded in several different formats, and covers an amazing range of topics. Here's the list:

Day 1: Climate & Variety
Day 2: Physical Planet
Day 3: Mood & Setting
Day 4: Cataclysms
Day 5: The Map
Day 6: Races
Day 7: Recent History
Day 8: Econ & Politics
Day 9: Language
Day 10: Mood & Culture
Day 11: Focus In
Day 12: What If
Day 13: Plot Hooks
Day 14: Education
Day 15: Resources
Day 16: Limits of Spec
Day 17: Mood II
Day 18: Spec & Society
Day 19: Character
Day 20: Plot Hooks
Day 21: Flora & Fauna
Day 22: Geography
Day 23: Culture II
Day 24: Mood III
Day 25: Sky
Day 26: Anti-What If
Day 27: Plot Hooks
Day 28: Left Out
Day 29: Character II
Day 30: Last Day

I've heard from many writers that the tutorial was immensely helpful to them since I mentioned it a couple of years back on my writing blog, so I'm reposting it here for my builder visitors.

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