Monday, January 13, 2014


I apologize for neglecting the blog; I've been wrestling with what exactly I want to do with it for 2014 (as well as finding the time to do it.) I think I've got most of it figured out now, so thank you all for bearing with me.

My video wizard Jeff Somers has produced an updated version of the first official video for Disenchanted & Co. that features the new release date and the cover art for the print edition:

Jeff is also putting together a new video for The Clockwork Wolf, so stay tuned for more details on its online debut.


  1. Hopefully 2014 involves more Disenchanted & Co . . . Pretty please?

  2. Was just checking when Clockwork will be out ...sigh..
    I could do with something sensible to read.
    I also want to wish you a great year 2014!