Monday, January 20, 2014

We've Come a Long Way, Baby

I'm currently researching the different types of advertising in Victorian newspapers, and in the process compiling quite a collection of oddities. Here are some ads I found this past weekend that tickled me:

Refreshing to see the houses were offered on terms to suit the buyer; try to find a bank loan officer now willing to do that.

Victorian rehab: if they didn't cure you, you didn't have to pay. Lindsay Lohan would be a billionaire.

These two are sad -- and rather scary, to think people would list children like an unwanted piece of furniture.

And last but not least:

Yep, electric underwear!


  1. Nope! Definitely not. Electric underwear can stay firmly in the past. I agree about the children too. It is sad seeing kids advertised like that. However when you look at it from the perspective of grinding poverty, lack of contraception, poor medical care etc, you can understand why it might have seemed like the only option to some. Then again in the 21st century there are children suffering from horrible abuse (verbal, sexual & physical) while on the flip side some couple try anything to be able to have children, their own or adopted. I can't help thinking there should be a balance somewhere.

  2. Those wanted ads are heart breaking!

    I love the electric corset, though. Victorian ads are so entertaining. :-)