Monday, February 24, 2014

More Antique Research

As I did last week I'm importing these pics and notes from my photoblog to share some insight as to how my world-building is inspired by antiques:

This three-in-one antique bench seat (I've also heard it referred to as a guest lounger) could serve a number of purposes in my universe, especially as a furnishing in any place where multiple people are obliged to sit and wait together. I also think it might work as a kind of child-safe public seating; Mum and Da can be seated on the ends with the little one tucked between them.

Since Rumsen is on the West coast of Toriana I imagine the people and culture are influenced by the sea and all things marine; I've already worked some of that into my world-building. I was thinking about how I can do more of that as I examined this glass-topped table filled with sand and shells -- the sea brought into the home, so to speak.

Storing things in the Toriana universe is always an issue; I've borrowed some real-world furnishings like armoires and closets, but I have an idea for a story that will require something partly invented, too. Looking through the shop I saw some lovely storage solutions:

I love the colors of this hand-painted wooden chest, and a marble or jasper version that is spelled to serve as a neutralizing safe might make a good place to keep one's charmed stones.

This trunk caught my eye because of the lovely silver metal panels. If I mechanized it, a fictional version might have those panels geared to cover secret compartments.

This is simply a wooden tool chest turned on end for creative display, but that skewing gave me a different perspective on it, and with some retuning may actually resolve a major story issue for me.


  1. I love the shell table and the steamer trunk. I haven't as a rule wandered around antique shops because I always feel like I must buy something and I can't afford antiques. I can't help feeling rude (and just plain nosey) if I wander knowing I'm not going to buy anything. Am I weird or what?

  2. Just downloaded Clockwork Wolf from Kobo. .... And now I am going to soak in the tub and read it all in one go :-)) happy days