Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Wolf Arrives

Today is the official release of The Clockwork Wolf, the second novel in my Disenchanted & Co. urban fantasy series. Also, if you missed it last week, here's the video for the book:

I think that's all the promo I'll throw at you this time. Besides, I have to talk about some people who helped:

My editor, Adam Wilson, deserves much for every wise and amazing thing he did to bring the world of Toriana to publication. I also wish I could name all of the other folks at Pocket Star who put so much creativity and wisdom into the series production, because they did a fabulous job, too.

I am very grateful to author and filmmaker Jeff Somers for creating yet another superb video trailer for Kit and her crew; it was everything I wished for and then some.

Last (but never least) I must somehow thank NYT bestselling author and my dear friend Darlene Ryan for her nonstop support and generous encouragement during this entire adventure. Until I can think up something better, Bubba, know that you are the best writer friend on the planet.

Places where you can purchase The Clockwork Wolf (click on them to do that and keep me writing this series):

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  1. Amazon just let me know that my copy has arrived. I need to finish the Parasol Protectorate (I'm on book 3) then it'll be a re-read of Kit's adventures from the start. After that I've got Final Catcall to enjoy - oh how lucky am I?

  2. Click on the link? Don't be ridiculous -- the Wolf was pre-ordered so that I could wake up to it happily residing on my nook. :-)
    And yes, more please!

  3. I think I must have been one of the first who downloaded ... being ahead in time due to the time difference between Europe and the US. Maybe you should Kobo to your list? It´s the most convenient when you don't have Kindle and live in Europe. (and no, unfortunatly I don't get any money from them :-)) )